Dear guests,

Purpose of Levantes Villas is to provide you, with exceptional accommodation experiences. We feel it is important to reach out to you the actions we are taking to keep our facilities safe and healthy. We follow the adequate cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection protocols. These protocols assist in illness prevention and include:

  • Regular sanitation training for our team members.
  • Clearly established time-schedule for cleaning and disinfection in all areas.
  • Conspicuous placement of hand sanitizers.
  • Frequent cleaning and wash down of outdoor and high touch locations.
  • Fast response to off-cycle cleaning issues in case of covid 19.

Given the current concerns related to the new coronavirus 2019 (covid-19), we have established house rules that, along with adequate sanitation protocols, safety methods and operation procedures, guarantee the well-being of our guests during their stay with us. These rules include:

  • We advise our guests visiting our pool area to keep two (2) meters distance from the person next in line while approaching.
  • We provide a face mask for our guests in case of coughing and/or sneezing.
  • Our a la carte personalized breakfast service “Levantes Breakfast” remains in place but served completely contactless.
  • We advise our guests entering and leaving our pool area to use the special hand sanitizers placed for that purpose.
  • Pool sun beds are cleaned thoroughly after each use.
  • When consuming drinks in bars, only packaged individual accompaniments are provided.
  • Visitors to the hotel are only allowed to visit after contacting the manager.
  • To avoid any health issues that may be caused from goods and/or services brought from third parties and consumed in-house we do not allow off-property food delivery services.

Our aim is to provide high-quality personalized services.

So for this reason:

  • We have provided our staff with all recommended protective gear.
  • We continue to regularly disinfect work surfaces, as well as public and back-office areas.
  • Meticulous cleaning and very good room ventilation during the hours between stays.
  • Non frequent room cleaning during the stay (avoid contact of cleaning workers with possible case and further transmission.
  • For more security, check- in and check- out times change. (11:00 check out, 15:00 check in). Sterilize of key cards – their placement in a special container for sterilize.
  • We took measures to limit social hubs and keep a safe distance.
  • In case of illness, Levantes Villas notify the General Hospital of Volos and the National Health Organization for further instructions.

As part of our commitment for the health and well-being of our guests, employees, and community, we are carefully monitoring the new coronavirus (covid19) situation through regular updates and guidance from the Hellenic Health Organization (E.O.D.Y.) and the National Health Ministry, as well as additional government and European organizations. Based on the guidance we have received and our general state of readiness, we are confident our operations continue to be safe and ready to serve our guests.

For the most updated information, please refer to Greek National Public Health Organisation

Till we meet stay safe and don’t stop dreaming, dreaming the crystal blue sea and the beauty of Pelion.